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Client Reviews:


Review From Patricia Benedetto:

I had a very unique property in Jupiter and was in need of the right buyer. A beautifully landscaped old Florida style home on Sims Creek that led to the inlet. 5 years it had been on the market!!! So many different realtors I quit counting. Everyone knew someone who was a realtor and it seemed all of them I signed with simply listed the house and waited.

Barbara was recommended to me, and I was hesitant but said I would try again but ONLY with a 30-day contract.

Barbara showed the house to more people in those 30 days than any other realtor in the past five years, so I signed for another 30 days. SHE SOLD IT IN 34 DAYS!!! I cannot say enough about her. She is so personable yet takes her job very seriously. I am so grateful to be downsizing and moving on to the next phase of my life and all thanks to the realtor who is a true professional and has the contacts to make it happen! Thank you!!


Review from Ann:

Great Agent!


Review From Carol:

Barb worked tirelessly to make sure all aspects of our sale went smoothly. The open houses, promotion of the property, and finally guiding us through closing were essential to the success of the transaction!